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Me Time...

On reviewing my (pleasingly full) Ravelry project book the other day, I noticed something a little odd and a little amusing.  With the exception of a couple of crocheted grocery bags (neither of which I can now find, annoyingly), it has been 10 years since I set out to make anything for myself, either knit or crochet.  Come to think of it, I have never actually knitted anything for myself.  Other than the two scratty dishcloths  I made when I was learning, everything I've knitted has been given away as a gift.  I did start a couple of projects for myself back when I was still just learning, but both got frogged very quickly because I just wasn't up to the task at that time.

So - at the moment I have the aforementioned baby shawl on my needles.  The little one in question is due in June, so I should be done with it before then, hopefully.  That then gives me the summer to do something for myself before I need to start the scarf I want to make for my husband for next winter.

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