I won! More on this tomorrow, but for now I'm so pleased with myself that I just couldn't wait to share! Hurrah for the power of the iPhone and there finally being a useful Blogger app!


  1. Well done Helen! I also REALLY struggled with this square and I am only a knitting a newbie so nice to know a pro like you struggled to!! Why they put this as the second square in a "learning to knit" magazine I'll never know!!! Emma M xxx

  2. No, I know - it doesn't make sense. I think if I were arranging them I'd have put the current number 4 as number 2 since it's mainly plain stocking stitch. I'm not a pro by any stretch of the imagination, I only picked up my needles for the first time in January last year, and had to stop in April! I think I just got lucky with the cowl that I made in that I found a lace pattern that was really simple and fitted with the way I think, so it gave me no problems. xx


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