Old Shale Smoke Ring

OK. Because I'm insane (and because I'm also slightly OCD and prefer to keep my "in progress" projects confined to the first row in my Ravelry notebook), I spent a couple of days on the Feather & Fan Scarf and went "OK, too easy." and started casting around for something to do that was similar but that I thought I'd be likely to finish. Scarves are notorious for being deeply, ridiculously boring once you get past a certain point, and I've already got one on the go as it is.

I also discovered that the "Old Shale" pattern is the same as Feather & Fan, which gave me more to search from on Ravelry. So I went back to Ravelry and had another search for something smaller, something pretty that I thought I'd be likely to actually finish.

Enter stage left the "Old Shale Smoke Ring".


Gorgeous, no?

So I ferreted in my stash, found the least fibrous thing I had available, which happened to be RICO's Fashion IRO DK 100% Cotton, whipped out my 5mm circular needles and set to work. I bloody love it! In the same way as I much prefer crochet in the round to working flat, it seems I much prefer knitting in the round.

It's going beautifully well:

Old Shale Smoke Ring

I won't wear this one, it's simply not my colour, and I don't think it's good enough quality to gift it to anyone, but I'm loving making it and it's teaching me a lot about lace knitting (like don't even think about trying it without stitch markers).

I'm definitely going to make another one for myself though. I've found a supplier of silk yarn in some lovely colours and at highly reasonable prices (£5 per 100g for the one I want) so come payday I shall invest in some the right colour and make myself one of these lovely things.


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