The Scarf

I'm happily trundling away on the Blue Rib Smoothie Scarf, the pattern for which came from "The Art of Knitting", a new partwork which is out in the UK.  From what I can tell its been out before, but it's new to me on this release, so as far as I'm concerned, it's new.

The scarf:

The pattern is the simplest thing in the world, just an offset 2 x 2 fancy rib, nothing more.  The one thing that concerns me is that it's going to drive me insane before I ever finish it, since knitting doesn't grow anywhere near as fast as crochet and my preference for scarves is very long.

I'm liking it at the moment though, and I'm liking the yarn, it really is smooth, and soft and lovely - and non-allergenic too.  Hurrah!


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