I just realised that I meant to post this picture the other day.  My new sofa came along with a perfect knitting/crochet storage space.

The most wonderful thing about it is that it's cat-proof.  It's a very heavy topped footstool.  Even all three of our cats working together couldn't get into it!  It's nice to have somewhere safe and secure to be able to store works in progress and the yarn for them.  My stash is bigger than what's in there at the moment, the stuff I'm not using is bagged up.  It's not quite big enough for my whole stash!  It's perfect for my needs though.


  1. Oh what a marvelous thing! Congratulations :)

  2. Truly, it is a thing of wonder... it's already filling up with random knitting and crochet related trinkets and things, mind you. Need to make sure I keep it for WIP stuff and nothing else.

    I'm somewhat stuck on what to do for storage of the rest of my yarn, really. It has to be dry, cat-proof and out of the way - and I'm running out of ideas in a tiny house!


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